BScript FAQ

Q: Should I always use RANDOMIZE TIMER ?

A: Not really. If you forget to initialize the seed (i.e using RANDOMIZE), BScript will perform automatic seed of the pseudo-random number generator.

Q: What is the difference between INT and CINT ?

A: On positive number, both return the same value. However, there is obviously a difference for negative number. For example, INT(-2.3) is -3 whilst CINT(-2.3) is -2.

Q: Any easy way to get the PI constant ?

A: Of course, just use PI function, such as:

print "the PI is", pi

Or use this number 3.1415926535897932384626433832795029.

Q: I need to find out machine epsilon. How do I do that ?

A: Use system variable _MACHEPS. The following code shows how to print machine epsilon:

print "machine epsilon is", _macheps

Alternatively, you can calculate it on your own. Follow this code snippet:

while (eps+1)>1
print eps

You will get the same result.

Q: I find bugs. How should I report ?

A: Send e-mail concerning the bug(s) to the author Ariya Hidayat Please be as clear as possible in explaining the problem.

Q: I would like to corrent/fix/translate the documentation. What should I do ?

A: Contact the author Ariya Hidayat